How I started my Developer journey

Taking the first step towards growth is always difficult. Isn't it?

Many thoughts occupy you as you start. Same happened with me.

When I started last year September I had no idea will I be able to carry it or not. And you see here I am. It's been more than 8 months since I started my coding journey.

Almost wasted my first year of engineering writing assignments, preparing for exams and spending time in classroom listening to boring lectures and I guess that's what we're being taught since the beginning . Be a good scorer in your schools/colleges.

Nobody taught us that practical life starts outside the classroom. Every student doesn't need to be a high scorer in exams . It's okay to be an average scorer . It's okay to be different from others. Nobody taught us the real values.

I remember around March I came back to home during semester break. Few days later only the lockdown was imposed and we were all locked in our homes.

One day, my cousin brother had a casual conversation with me about programming related stuffs and that kind of evoked interest in me.

As I was lacking the right direction he came up with a roadmap and I started learning HTML. Within 10 days I was making simple projects in HTML.

The next step was CSS .To be honest CSS troubled me a lot and still it does sometime. But now I'm pretty used to it.

It took me more than a month to learn CSS.

Now I was all excited to make amazing projects and share it with my friends. I showed one of the projects I made to my brother and his immediate response was - Why don't you apply for an internship?

I wasn't confident enough to give it a try but he motivated me and I applied.

My application was being approved and I was all set to start working. I did a six month internship there. Got to learn a lot from the experienced developers.

Later on I was being proposed to continue as a full time employee but I analyzed there was so much more for me to learn.

I joined twitter in January,2021 but I've been active there for 3 months now. Took #100daysofcode challenge at the end of March. This challenge made me consistent and I recommend everyone to try that once.

I was never this much consistent before. This took a lot of hardwork for me to be here and when I look back to where I was last year it make me applaud my decision of learning Web development.

Along with learning I used to share my daily progress on Twitter and used to receive good/bad feedbacks there. It has been a remarkable journey till here and I'm looking forward to more good tides.

Tech Twitter is a goldmine of value and if you're dedicated enough to learn you'll find plenty of resources, amazing tips from developers around the world.

I never hesitated asking questions and I will say you shouldn't as well. If you don't know something ask it .

There is 80% possibility someone will help you.

Few things that'll help you in your coding journey :

1- Learn the basics properly

2- Code daily

3- Take frequent breaks

4- Practice more and more

5- Build Projects

6- Learn one thing at a time.

The End.

Everything will make sense with time. Just don't give up. 💪

I share Web Development related resources and tips on Twitter on a regular basis. If you want to be a part of my journey you can find me on Twitter.

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Bravo Insha!! I appreciate your hard work and efforts 👏👏

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Thank you, Pavandeep. Appreciate it! 🌟

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Cool story well done Insha Ramin.

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Thanks, Andrew😊